💥 Apprentice Flash! 💥

I am a tattoo apprentice and I am about to continue my tattoo journey on client skin and I am in need of canvas.
Here’s your chance to get a good deal on your next tattoo while helping me out with filling my portfolio!

The price is for the use of material and wil be fixed per tattoo design at a size between 10 and 15 cm starting up from €80,-.
(A couple of cm bigger or smaller will of course be negotiable!)

I will tattoo you at a GGD certified tattoo-shop in Amsterdam and the session will be supervised by a professional.

Check out my flash designs, see one you like? Send me an email to lars@larsbeelzebub.com so we can book an appointment!

Don’t want to get any of these tattooed but still want to help me out? Sharing my flash with your friends will be a big help as well!


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