Lars Ketelaar Lars Beelzebub Larsbeelzebub artist art kunst kunstenaar design designer graphic dutch Alkmaar underground lowbrow surrealist poster print framed punk contemporary popart digital cartoon comic protest portrait picture by Loeka Horsman

Hi! You’ve found my website, great! Welcome and thank you for visiting!

My name is Lars Beelzebub and I am the one responsible for the awesome weird ass art on this website.
I am an allround artist from the Netherlands. When I was younger I studied art and design in Amsterdam. They showed me some of the very basics but am mostly self taught in the techniques and materials I use.
My goal is to shake things up a bit. I use a wide variety of materials to voice my concerns regarding all that I think is wrong in our fragile planet.

For instance:
– Digital paintings to support abortion rights.
– Give social criticisms with ink on paper.
– Mixed media pieces that condemn the wrongs the Catholic Church inflict upon the innocent.
– Surreal lowbrow popart to protest political fuck ups.
– Pretty pictures that are nice to look at.

Of course all these things are interchangeable and always made with the aim to please your eyes and mine.

Head on over to my shop if you want to decorate your living room with something thought provoking for the next time your racist uncle comes over for dinner. Or office artwork for your startup business that lets your customers know you’re not in it to fuck over the planet. Hell, maybe you just want something pretty to look at above your toilet!

Would you like me to make an original piece to use as your band’s next album cover? Illustrate your weird little children’s book or create a bespoke logo for your new company? I would love to do all this and more. Send me an e-mail and we’ll talk! 

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